Recently, our co-founder and Executive Director, Carrie DuRard, shared about the joys and challenges of working with teens in and aging out of foster care on the Real Estate Runway podcast.

“There are things and stuff that our foster kids need, but the intangible things are what is most important.” Carrie went on to describe a Jonathan’s Path youth who called JP to let them know she would be going to visit a friend’s house for the weekend, and that she wanted a caring adult to know where she was. Carrie said the girl had realized that the folks Jonathan’s Path were the only people in her life who she could rely on.

Carrie also discussed the relationship between foster care and homelessness. Youth who have aged out of or spent time in foster care are far more likely to be homeless than their peers. Jonathan’s Path helps youth prevent this outcome. She said a teen recently called the path line because he was “going to be homeless tomorrow.” Carrie invited him into her home until Jonathan’s Path was able to help him find his own apartment.

Ideally, Jonathan’s Path directors would like to reach kids before they’re in crisis. Carrie described her vision for permanent homes where a host family lives with three foster youth starting at age fourteen or fifteen. Through this model, kids can start gaining support and life skills long before they “age out.” Jonathan’s Path will continue to provide resources for these kids long after they turn 18. “They will stay in our homes until they are ready to launch,” said Carrie.

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