VYMC Holiday Party Info


The 2nd Annual Varbel Men’s Collaborative (VYMC) Christmas Party is this Friday, December 1st!

Jonathan’s Path and the VYMC team are working hard to ensure all the young men have a unique and memorable experience! PLEASE CAREFULLY READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW. If you have any concerns, please reach out to me asap. This email is being sent to the foster parent and social worker according to the registration information given on each registered youth.


Date: Friday, December 1st

Drop Off Time: 5:30pm We have a lot of fun (and surprises) planned and want to make the most of every minute. Please do not be late.

Pick Up Time: 8:30pm

Location: Tennessee Titans Practice Facility – 460 Great Circle Road, Nashville, TN 37228. The guard at the gate will direct you to the correct entrance.



Due to space and security reasons, only foster teen boys registered for this event will be allowed entry into the facility. Foster parents, siblings, social workers, etc., will not be allowed entry.  There will be ample security measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety.


TN Titans Coach Mike Vrabel, his wife Jenn, members of the Vrabel Young Men’s Collaborative will be present at the event! There may be some TN Titans players as well.  


Gifts & Attendance

During the registration process, you confirmed your youth is available on Friday, December 1st and able to make the event as scheduled. Youth must be present during the entire event to receive gifts. Our generous sponsors are working hard to ensure each youth receives at least one thing from their wish list. If your youth cannot make it, please let us know within the next 3 days.


Due to the nature and location of this event, we are expecting these young men to be on their best behavior. If you feel your young man is not able to meet these expectations or have concerns, please discuss with me asap. We want everyone to feel safe and know how much they are loved. While we are not anticipating any issues, we will contact the youths DCS worker or foster parent to pick up the young man if his behavior is not acceptable. 



We take privacy seriously. We will be taking pictures of the event to share with our sponsors, board members and some selected pictures on our social media channels. Names will not be shared. If you have denied media use during registration, we will ensure they will not be included in media photos. However, if your youth wants to take their own photos with Coach Vrabel or at the event, we leave that choice to them.



If you have requested transportation support, you will receive a separate email with more information. If you have not requested transportation support, please be sure to plan your drop off time accordingly with traffic in mind. We want everyone to arrive on time to maximize the fun!


Finally, I want to thank you for your support of Jonathan’s Path and your ongoing dedication to all youth in foster care. We look forward to meeting your youth at the event!




Carrie DuRard

Co-Founder & Executive Director 

P: 615.414.1876